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Doing Church Differently - Family Worship

The resources on this page are aimed at helping families with primary school children to worship together.
To help you keep to the routine of Sunday church new resources will be posted each week in time for Sunday morning.

These activities are designed for a family to do together.

2nd August 2020

Walking on Water

Focus on Jesus



The opening reading is Psalm 9:1-2

"I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;
I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.
I will be glad and rejoice in you;
I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High."


We start with a song of praise that always puts a smile on my face. Let’s ‘shout out loud’ and ‘send our praise to heaven’. Praise the Lord for all the wonderful things he does for us.
So, jump up and join in with,
“I’m Gonna Jump Up and Down” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juoTBFksrWY



All Age Talk

This week we look at Matthew 14:22-33 – when Jesus, and Peter, walked on water.

This is another story where the disciples go out in a boat and encounter a bit of bother and it directly follows the feeding of the 5000 which we looked at a couple of weeks ago.

The link for the all age talk video is https://youtu.be/j_VvIsLM2N4



Float or Sink

In the story today we saw that Jesus walked on water, he called Peter to come to him and Peter also walked on water. However, Peter didn’t fully focus on Jesus. He got distracted by what was going on around him and he started to sink.

In this game you will need a basin of water or a paddling pool, and a collection of fruit and veg. You will need some from category (a) AND some from category (b)

  1. apple, orange, strawberry, banana
  2. pear, tomato, grape, avocado, cherry

You can try other fruit and veg. If you only have a limited number of fruit items then you could use two oranges, one with peel on and one with peel off. Alternatively, you could use a collection of different balls, including marbles, ball pit type balls and bouncy balls, or other household objects.

  1. Fill the basin or paddling pool with water.
  2. Take it in turns to select a fruit/object to put into the water. Before it is dropped in everyone should say whether they think it will float or sink.
  3. Hopefully some of the objects will float and some will sink.
  4. When all of the objects have been ‘tested talk about the story – ask questions such as,
    1. Peter began to sink when he got scared – why do you think that happened?
    2. What do you think the objects can tell us about different people? (what type of people represented by the objects that sink (non-Christians) and by the objects that float (Christians)?)
    3. Can Christians ‘sink’? What would that mean?
      (If you have an orange unpeel it and put it in the water. The orange will now sink – people who move away from Jesus are like the orange out of its peel).

Follow the Call

When Jesus called Peter to come to him, Peter trusted that he would be able to do it because Jesus was calling him. If you are stepping out to do something that is outside of your normal activity, stepping out of your comfort zone, then you really want to know that Jesus is with you. If Jesus is with you then you can trust things will work out.

We’re going to play a game of trust but before we do that let’s pray.

We thank you that, although we can’t see you we know you are always close.
Thank you that when you call us to do something, we can trust you to help us.
Help us learn to trust you.
Help us to know when you are calling us and give us the courage to respond when you do.

In this game you will need two people, a bit of clear space and a blind fold. You can play this inside or outside, you just need to make shure there isn't anything that might cause someone to trip or fall.

  1. Decide who is going to be blindfolded first.
  2. Stand at opposite sides of the room or garden. If you are playing this in a public green space then make sure you aren’t too far apart.
  3. When you are ready to start, the person with the blindfold should put it on.
  4. The other person should then call to the blindfolded person who should make their way toward them. You need to trust that the other person to guide you right so you don’t bump into anything.
  5. When you get to the other person swap over and have a go at being the guide.

If you want to make this harder you could set up a simple obstacle course and have the caller guide the other person by calling out instructions. Or the caller should move to stand somewhere after the blindfold has gone on the other person. So they don’t know where the caller is standing when they start.



If you want to take Communion as a family you should first prepare the elements. For each person you will need a small drink to represent the wine and a piece of bread, cracker, or even a biscuit, to represent the bread.

When you are ready to take Communion click on the link to the YouTube video and I will lead you through Communion.
All Age Communion video - https://youtu.be/dpI7EzeCsFE



When you let Jesus into your life, when you follow his guidance, great things can happen in your life. Through difficult times, when the wind is up and the waves are battering the boat of your life, invite Jesus in and you will have peace. When you feel low, cry out to Jesus and he will lift you up.

Our final song reminds us that Jesus is the lighthouse of our life. He is the light of the world and he will lead us through all storms. Lift you spirit with a song and dance to ‘My Lighthouse’ by Rend Collective.

Rend – My Lighthouse - https://youtu.be/K-WAg6h1Gs0



Colouring.pdf – Psalm 18:16




The Lord's Prayer Song

The Lord’s Prayer song - https://youtu.be/e6STLRycSnE



“Blessed be your name” - https://youtu.be/fWEQy7eM4a8

Praise Him Moon and Stars - Graham Kendrick - https://youtu.be/yV3JO5apDtI

No longer a Slave of Fear – Bethel - https://youtu.be/EGh0mnH2FYE

Who You Say I Am - Hillsong Kids - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8g4yRqQ3fc

Amber Sky - This is Amazing Grace - https://youtu.be/jekw0_eIVuo

Newsboys – Mighty to Save -  https://youtu.be/fnx0iIjo--M  

Rend – You will never run - https://youtu.be/VqeJt1DkQLg

Chris Tomlin – Our God - https://youtu.be/Kzuf-WezsFo

Matt Redman – Sing and Shout - https://youtu.be/RHTYGpB8HIM

Chris Tomlin - Good Good Father - https://youtu.be/OZ_cKafXSSE

Rend - My Lighthouse - https://youtu.be/K-WAg6h1Gs0


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