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The resources on this page are aimed at helping families with primary school children to worship together.
To help you keep to the routine of Sunday church new resources will be posted each week in time for Sunday morning.

These activities are designed for a family to do together.

6th December 2020

The Greatest Gift

God's Gift


The opening reading is John 3:16-17 

"For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him."

If you don’t know the words, or you can’t sing (like in churches that are open during this time) then worshipping God using your body, like in an action song, is a great way to praise the Lord.

Let’s celebrate God’s wonderful gift of life through his son, Jesus with our opening song,

Come on and Celebrate - https://youtu.be/-lRvDAajdGk
(This is another song where Mike and I had to do the actions)



All Age Talk

This week Sharon finds Trevor wrapping Christmas presents.

The link for the all age talk is - https://youtu.be/9rAIPSuEv1w



Greatest Gift Tree Decoration

God loved the world so much he sent Jesus to save everyone. The greatest gift anyone can receive. When you receive God’s gift, when you believe in Jesus gets forgiveness, love, joy, peace and a place in heaven. At Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ birth and thank God for this wonderful gift of life he has given us.

To remember that we are going to make a decoration for the Christmas tree, or to hang in your bedroom – you choose.

You will need,

  1. A square of card Approximately 10x10cm – perhaps from a cereal box.
  2. A piece of Christmas wrapping paper
  3. Bow for decoration - optional
  4. Ribbon for hanging
  5. Print off these pictures.pdf or draw your own Nativity pictures on squares of paper approximately 8x8cm


  1. Cover your card in wrapping paper.
  2. On one side you may want to stick a bow or piece of ribbon to make it look more like a present.
  3. Stick a picture of the nativity or Jesus on the other side.
  4. Make a hole in the top and thread the ribbon through. Or stick the ribbon to the top of the card.
  5. Hang your decoration on the tree or give it to someone as a gift.


Prayer Colouring

Print off the Colouring.pdf. As you colour meditate on the words, by which I mean, repeat the words and ponder on what they mean to you.



“I will sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever! Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.
(Psalm 89:1)

Let’s sing of God’s amazing, abundant, unfailing love.

I could sing of your love forever - https://youtu.be/Z_7CulnVKa0


My God’s love be with you and go with you this week.


Check out our YouTube Channel for all our videos.


The Lord's Prayer Song

The Lord’s Prayer song - https://youtu.be/e6STLRycSnE



I could sing of your love forever - https://youtu.be/Z_7CulnVKa0

Come on and Celebrate - https://youtu.be/-lRvDAajdGk

Phil Wickham - All I Am - https://youtu.be/70xSF4Q3rMU

Everlasting God - https://youtu.be/M_oobg4Oxz8

Matt Redman - We are free - https://youtu.be/IZXSOoAYEuE

God is for us - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXrr2KcRqdo

Guilty - https://youtu.be/Ri5RF6Oc19w

Your Love Never Fails - https://youtu.be/fi7qpTVDlnw

Counting every blessing - https://youtu.be/dNTwLVAvqf0

Dancing Generation - https://youtu.be/NPy0n860vLE

Way Maker - https://youtu.be/hO8W6WV_d98

Tim Hughes - Happy Day - https://youtu.be/BL_vqA94Xls

We Want To See Jesus Lifted High - https://youtu.be/_USLVAh7Cx8

Blessed be your name - https://youtu.be/fWEQy7eM4a8

Graham Kendrick - Praise Him Moon and Stars - https://youtu.be/yV3JO5apDtI

Bethel - No longer Slaves - https://youtu.be/EGh0mnH2FYE

Hillsong Kids - Who You Say I Am - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8g4yRqQ3fc

Amber Sky - This is Amazing Grace - https://youtu.be/jekw0_eIVuo

Newsboys – Mighty to Save -  https://youtu.be/fnx0iIjo--M  

Rend – You will never run - https://youtu.be/VqeJt1DkQLg

Chris Tomlin – Our God - https://youtu.be/Kzuf-WezsFo

Matt Redman – Sing and Shout - https://youtu.be/RHTYGpB8HIM

Chris Tomlin - Good Good Father - https://youtu.be/OZ_cKafXSSE

Rend - My Lighthouse - https://youtu.be/K-WAg6h1Gs0


Resources on pdf

The Greatest Gift 6th December 2020

Advent - Prepare the Way - John the Baptist - 29th Nov 2020

Feeling Small? God can do big things - 22nd Nov 2020

Feeling Down? Be lifted by God - 15th Nov 2020

Remembrance - Coventry Blitz - 8th Nov 2020

Sheep and Goats - Be Different - 1st Nov 2020

Daniel in the Lion's Den - 25th Oct 2020

God looks at the Heart - 18th Oct 2020

The Good Samaritan - 11th Oct 2020

10 Plagues - Gods Power - be released - 4th Oct 2020

Harvest - Give Thanks - 27th Sept 2020

Live in the light - 20th Sept 2020

Nehemiah Stands Firm - Doing God's Work - 13th Sept 2020

Feeling in Need? - Come to Jesus - 6th Sept 2020

Feeling Lost? - follow Jesus - 30th August 2020

Forgive - and be forgiven - 23rd August 2020

Zacchaeus Seeks - Jesus Saves - 16th August 2020

Naaman Healed - God Revealed - 9th August 2020

Walking on Water - Focus on Jesus - 2nd August 2020

Breakfast on the Beach - Recognising Jesus - 26th July 2020

Jacob's dream - God Speaks - 19th July 2020

Narrow Road - The Way - 12th July 2020

Feeding the 5000 - Come to Jesus - 5th July 2020

Creation - Praise God - 28th June 2020

Father God - 21st June 2020

Fruit of the Spirit - 14th June 2020

Water into Wine - 7th June 2020

Holy Spirit - Pentecost - 31st May 2020

You Can't Hide - Jonah runs away - 24th May 2020

Don't be afraid - Jesus Calms the storm  - 17th May 2020

God's Promise - Noah and the Rainbow - 10th May 2020

Obeying God - Walls of Jericho - 3rd May 2020

Being Thankful - 26th April 2020

Courage in a Crisis - David and Goliath - 19th April 2020

Easter Sunday - 12th April 2020

Palm Sunday - 5th April 2020

Don't Worry - 29th March 2020


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